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“It is a night and day difference between the desire to practice pre-gdb (Ginny Blair) and now. Not a squeal! And she's happy to sit down and play for guests! You can quote me on this! You chose a good method to use. And you are great - Grace really likes you. So do I.”

~C.C. Kelly~

Ginny ​Blair

My musical career began when I signed up for violin lessons at my elementary school at age 9.  Though my parents had their doubts I would continue after the first year, I was an enthusiastic student.  When I hit middle school though, I lost interest in my violin (in Simply Music® we call this a “valley” experience) and was lost and bewildered in my junior high orchestra class. An experienced violinist in my orchestra class became my violin friend and weekend teacher and that small gesture renewed my interest. I began playing in the Youth Orchestra and from there I kept moving up.  I eventually took lessons from the concert master of our local symphony orchestra and when I was 16, I auditioned and was accepted as a member in the symphony orchestra in our community.  After high school I began college as a music major and graduated from California State University, Sacramento with my BA in music performance.

Some benchmarks that I achieved along the way are attendance at Pacific Music Camp (summer music program) at University of Pacific in Stockton, winner of the Press Democrat Etude scholarship award in Santa Rosa, member of the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra and playing in that orchestra with Itzak Pearlman as soloist.  This last benchmark I remember vividly. 

Fast forward to years later to when I found Simply Music®.  As I was raising my children in Concord, I taught both violin and traditional piano students.  I was introduced to Simply Music® in 2006 and was immediately impressed by how easy it was to learn and memorize songs (memorization was very much a struggle for me in piano!).  I loved the many supplementary programs that Simply Music® offered to its students: composition, arranging, composing, blues and improvisation, accompaniment and jazz. What a difference from the traditional way of learning piano! Song after song was easily accessed and to my joy, I could memorize everything without a glitch! I converted all my students from traditional to Simply Music® without ever looking back.  In 2013, my teaching status changed from certified to advanced teacher of Simply Music®. 

My home studio is in Concord where I live with my husband, Ted, and our miniature American Eskimo/Spaniel, Bella.  I have two grown children who live in Concord. My husband and I enjoy gardening, cooking organic food recipes and taking trips to the mountains and beach.