​​​​"My four year old daughter and I loved taking Play-a-Story with Ginny.  It was perfect because she had fun and enjoyed the stories while she was learning chords and techniques.  Now she is five years old and starting Simply Music, and she is really enjoying learning the songs.  She still loves to improvise and make up her own songs every time she is at the piano.  This is the opposite of how I learned piano as a kid, and it's fantastic."

~Marie Rivello Avila~


Play-a-Story is a musical journey in which you and your child travel through a storybook world. It uses the piano as its mode of travel, creating sounds, ​melodies, harmonies and rhythms to express the story... literally, students create their own musical soundtrack. Using the piano, students learn to interpret mood, color and nuance as the story unfolds. Play-a-Story teaches this by providing a foundational, systematic and creative experience that harnesses children’s intuitive, musical appreciation and interpretation.

​In the world of Play-a-Story, every imaginative thought, every
emotion and every dream is an opportunity to express ourselves musically. In this world, musical self-expression is our language... a language far more profound, intuitive and descriptive, far more meaningful and pure than any
other. Every student is immersed in the culture of a world that believes that music has the power to emerge naturally from within. The journey begins before students ever learn to play another composer’s music; they begin with the opportunity to discover their own musical ‘story’. At the early age of 4 or 6, students are given musical sounds, motifs, styles, shapes and dynamics, laying down a comprehensive, improvisational foundation that equips them with the sounds of their new musical language.

Student Home Materials

​As well as carefully structured and engaging lessons with fully trained Teachers, students are provided with beautiful Student Home Materials, including a book, CD and DVD. More than just play-along accessories, these materials provide the environment in which your child can explore his musical stories each day. Your Teacher will guide you in how to gain the best value and pleasure from  your Home Materials.



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